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It would be nice if there were built-in functionality for swipe actions to mirror button actions for navigation. Meaning, if I have a button on a page which takes the user to the next page, a swipe left action should also automatically be on that page to do the same. Similarly, if the button action take the user to a different page (next chapter, section, etc.), the swipe action should do the same.

I acknowledge I can do this today with an additional actions, but if I am building a non-linear course, this means I have to do twice the work when disinheriting/adding actions to take users to specific pages.

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You can group a Next button and a "swipe right" action and inherit it (or disinherit it) as a group right now.

Similarly, what about an inactive button status and swipe actions? Meaning, a user navigates to a page on which they need to complete a given task (e.g., click a button) before they can proceed. I can set an action to inactivate the Next button until the requirement has been med, but this would mean removing the swipe action and putting in a new one with the condition. Fully doable, but duplicating the work when it would be nice to have this tied to the Next button action/a single 'navigate to next page' action.

Not a bad idea - I can't believe this didn't occur to me. I'll definitely be using this moving forward.

@clammers, have you looked at action groups?

Action groups? How so? I could put a condition on the swipe action to only work if a variable is to to 'ON' and have an action group to set the state of the Next button to disable and change the variable to off, but that seems like a lot of work.

I guess what I'm looking for is a 'set disable' option for swipe actions. It would be nice if, when adding a Next button, swipe left to go to next page is paired with it. Then, if that state of the button is disabled, the swipe action would be as well. Making the action to set the Next button to 'enabled' would then make the swipe action active as well.

I appreciate the swipe actions, but if I'm designing an RCD course, it means I'm doubling efforts creating tactile navigation.

The swipe actions are created with hammer.js. I'm no expert for this and I've only tested it on Desktop (i.e. no touchscreen). I was able to disable the swipe actions with an action on my next button:

On: Show

Action: Run javascript



You'll need another action to enable the actions by setting it to "true".

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