Custom Player

Is there a way to customize the audio player to adjust the width? All of the players are very small (<300px) , which makes it difficult to scrub or view the progress on audio files longer than a minute or so.

I've seen quite a few older posts on this, but several of the links are no longer accessible/relevant, and none of the posts themselves directly addressed what I was looking for.

Discussion (2)

Thanks for the reply @tasiala. The colors on iskin are certainly more apparent, but don't get at the heart of the issue. The inability to customize the width of the player provides limited options for placement and makes it difficult to assess duration. Along the same lines, this causes an issue for closed-captioning. The CC isn't fully toggle-able and has to lay on top of something else.

@clammers currently the width for audio files cannot be adjusted. Can using one of the other controllers, like iskin, that had a more noticeable progress color work for you?