Resume Video Playback in LMS

Is there a way to resume playing a video from the point at which it was stopped? A bit of background:

I have multiple videos in a course I am hosting in CourseMill. The student must view the entirety of each presentation without being able to skip/seek forward in the video, so I have removed the playbar. I can place an 'On Done Playing' action on the video, and this works if the student watches the video in one sitting. However, if the student begins watching and then exits the course, the video begins playing from the beginninng.

I'd like to be able to have the student start watching a video, exit the course, return and be brought back to the point in the video where they left. That way, they can watch the video in chunks, but still be required to see the entire video before being able to move on in the course. How would I accomplish this?

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First of all, this looks like extremely unfriendly course design. Unless it's a strict compliance issue, no one should force their users to do anything they don't want.

(rant over :))

Technically speaking, I don't think that Lectora has video bookmarking or that it can be done via Lectora actions/variables, since there is no "Skip to XX seconds" action. So I'd recommend creating a custom JS script that takes care of it (grabs current playhead time, stores it into a retained variable, restores the playhead position on load).

Alternatively, you can split your video into segments (chapters) and put them on different pages. Use variables and actions to restrict page skipping. Or even put the pieces of the video on the same page and use actions/variables to control which one is shown.

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