Pull/Display Survey or Test Responses in Lectora Title

Is there a way to display other users' survey/test responses in a Lectora course?

For example: Users A responds to a survey question on Page 1 of a course. When User B gets to Page 2, he/she would be able to see what User A entered in response to the same question on Page 1.

I'm thinking there's probably a way to accomplish this, depending on where the survey/test information is being stored; whether it be CourseMill, another LMS, or a separate database (like Google Docs).

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Writing and reading data from Google Firebase would be a possibility.

I do have that working in Lectora Online...

I'm afraid the most straightforward way would be to use some other survey tool, which has the features you want, and just display it in a web window in Lectora. Otherwise you have to invent your own survey system.

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