Progress Bar : Locked Up / Frozen ?

Good morning Rockstars,

I've put a progress bar at the bottom of my 30 odd page module, and it doesn't want to move with page progress/completion. I have placed the same one, with same settings, but in the next chapters (KC and Survey), but still no luck. Any suggestions?

Lectora: 19.0.4

Type: TOC

Scope: For this chapter

Frame: Unset

Style: No image, color fill.

Orientation: Horizontal

Discussion (3)

@carlfink - I grapple with the need to send files because of the industry I am in and whether I can get away with just asking a basic question like this. Let me tinker some more to see if I can get over this hump. Otherwise, I will try to take some more photos/details. I just thought that there might have been a tip that I was missing.

Update: I just went and deleted the asset/item and rebuilt it from scratch to look like the others and it resolved my issue... Sorry to waste your time - I really should know that rebuilding an asset from scratch is sometimes the easiest/quickest method to resolve problems.

Andrew, much more detail would be needed to help. Can you upload the course here? If not, can you be more specific about the progress bar you selected and your exact sequence of steps?