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Good morning. I am in the process of building out a fairly simple software simulation that is used in our operations; however, I am in need of assistance.

We have a slew of popup windows which I am building out as separate pages in a separate section to keep everything clean, and in order to call the popup window I use an action to display page in a popup. Everything works fine, but I need a bit of help cleaning up the extra bits around it.

When the page opens in the popup, I get the top bar and a white space at the bottom of the popup window. Is there simple CSS code that I can apply to all my "popup windows" to remove it?

I can remove the DL_titleBarLine with a simple display: none; but then the white bar at hte bottom becomes more pronounced.

Any assistance from those who are more proficient in CSS would be appreciated!

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Hi @andrew-robertson take a look at this post about customizing popup windows and see if it helps.

That worked great! Thanks for the link!

Question though, why is it adding the blank space at the end? Its 18px deep.

I found it is not part of the iframe or the DLG_innerDiv, but part of the DLG_Div_98166 .


@andrew-robertson I was able to remove by adding the additional style into the scripting for the styles

.DLG_Triv_resizeHandle {



I tested with Lectora Online.