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I would like the ability to see the pageID that is assigned to a page. Currently the only way to see the page ID is to preview in a web browser, use developer tools, and then search the code for the page ID.

When we export to French, it automatically forces a ID-based export, is it also possible to provide the ability to adjust the ID-based names. I know this could complicate things, but it also provides more flexibility to power users like myself.

If this is already available, I am open to being taught where I can find these details.

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Not sure if this is what you are looking for. There is a Reserved variable that contains the page object number. If you add a text box with VAR(CurrentPageID) in it, the page object number will display in the text box. This ID is the object number you would see in "HTML Name" if your screen shot was for any other object type, like video123, text246, etc.

Hopefully, this can save you some steps while troubleshooting.

Hmm. Thanks

for that variable reference but I am looking for something that would tell me the ID similarly to how we can find our HTML Names of the objects... I am thinking I really need to make a power user sheet like those other ones you see out there with all the quick commands that make things happen.