Online Course Availability (Hours)

Is there a way to restrict the availability of an Online (Web-based only) course to a specific period of the day? For example, I want to have a course only available Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm to allow for live-support.

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@Clammers. Usually you think of an online course as available anytime. Ours is open all the time, but support is M-F 8:30-5, also. People call and email for support. Hope this helps.

I have never used Coursemill and know nothing about your course. In some development environments, you could have the course itself check the UTC time and refuse to run when you want it to. I agree with @whatcher-8448 that you probably do not need to, though.

Update: this appears to be a bug in our current CourseMill build (v7). The ability is in CM, but not functioning as designed in this version.

@clammers Is this functionality working in the newer versions of CourseMill? If so, how does it work?

Not sure. We're in the process of upgrading to CourseMill v8 at the moment. Once deployed, I should be able to see if/how this functionality works.