Multiple Users, One Email Address

I posted this previously, but when I tried to edit it, the whole thing went away. Here we go again:

Users are allowed to create multiple User IDs with the same email address; however, if requesting a forgotten User ID or password, in CourseMill this is prioritized alphabetically by User ID. If a user has created accounts in different Orgs, but forgot their User IDs, they can only ever get a password reset for one account (the one occurring first alphabetically). If I have the User ID 1clammers in Org A and 2clammers in Org B and they both use the same e-mail address, when I submit a Forgot User ID or Password request with my email address, I will only ever get a reset for 1clammers.

Is there a way to check all existing users for an e-mail address when creating an account, or select for which Org they are seeking their password? This wouldn't alleviate the issue of users creating multiple accounts in the same Org, but at least if they are in the same Org you can merge the records.

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