Missing Files?

Good afternoon all -

I was doing some BETA testing of my product before giving it to the next round of testers, but something odd is occurring. When I get to a certain page, the button images do not want to load. I haven't modified the SCORM package at all and the images below are the outcomes.

See the lime green area below (shadow grey squares in their place).

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Hi @cainam , thanks for the rapid response.

Version: 19.0.4 (12203)

Answer: No, the button257273.png nor button257281.png are in the images/ folder.

I have seen this happen before with my audio icons I setup after it hits a specific X location on the page. So I've had to put the image at a lower value (say x=1200), and then user a move action to move it to the final spot.

Edit: New information

I went and did the same trick as before where I put it lower on the X axis and used an OnShowMoveTo action which made it show no problem in the web browser. Super odd issue and wonky workaround.

What version are you on? (I haven't seen this myself) Did you check the SCORM package to see if those images are indeed missing from the package?