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Good Afternoon Rockstars -

I encountered a bit of problem which is odd with our content we just deployed.

Background: We deploy every quarter based on recurrent learning needs of our staff. We deployed with 6 inner module question activities (no bearing on the outcome of the module score), and 10 knowledge check questions at the end of the module. The 6 inner module questions are contained within a Normal Chapter and the 10 KC questions are contained with in a Test Chapter. This is a net new course, so users should not have any sustained data from a previous session.

Question Configuration: They are all configured the same using the Max Answer Attempts set to 1 so to disable changing the response after an answer is submitted. We use a submit button to control the point at which the question gets submitted (allowing the user to change their answer if they wish before submitting as opposed to auto submission).

Situation: We have about a 70% course completion rate and the other 30% cannot get past the first inner-module question. When a user of the 30% group gets to the page with the inner module question, the radio buttons on the page are already disabled and they cannot submit an answer to progress the page/content.

We know this is at a user level and not at workstation level as I performed a Connect As session into the user's account and went as far as they could go and then got stopped at the same position. There were no errors/bugs that were displayed in the developer window.

Bandaid Solution: Not knowing what the issue is causing this to happen, I went the route of calling a JQuery command that disables all onscreen radio buttons and/or checkboxes once the user submits their response. It seems to have gotten me around the problem.

Does anyone have any thoughts where I can go and investigate further? So far i've checked the variables and they are all unique.

Sorry I cannot share the content.

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Are the questions set for randomized delivery? It sounds like you might have a duplicate question variable somewhere, and the ones that are problems are getting both questions.

Since it works for some, that's why I thought maybe duplicate question. Without seeing the course, this is a tough one to troubleshoot. Is it possible for you to make a copy of the course, remove the actual text and replace with dummy text, and upload that to look at?

None are duplicated. I made double sure and compared all the notes - I even went as far as labelling the variables as the actual page number reference in the storyboard.

eg. Q00_12 , Q00_07 , etc.

And the worst part is that the page with the question on it works for most users and doesn't work for others....

Hi @jholland - I completely understand the complexity in trying to debug an application when you aren't physically holding the code. Hopefully my answers make sense below.

1. Inside a normal chapter.

2. TACTIC! EPC out of Montreal, QC.

3. Every question has it's own unique submit button with an action that either runs an action group (shows correct feedback, incorrect feedback, informative feedback, etc. based on actions with if/then), and the same submit button's action that runs the action group has a then action which shows a message asking the user to chose and answer before submitting it.

4. I've added an additional action inside the action group in 3 above that runs the JQuery code. It disables the radio/checkboxes once the user clicks submit. I've essentially disabled the setting for max attempts in the application and applied that code.

5. I am fairly certain that they are all referencing it's own things - but I will make double sure of this.

6. Course completion gets set once the user opens the final page setting the AICC_Lesson_Status to completed.

@chrystalb21 I will work on trying to clean it up and only provide it with 0 content. This will happen hopefully next week as I've shifted gears onto another module.

I am purely trying to learn where I screwed up, if I screwed up.

I completely understand the predicament I am in and I can appreciate the need to look at the file itself for something that stands out to you and not to me.

I will take both @jholland and @chrystalb21 suggestions into account and report back with what I find.

Hi Andrew,

I have another idea that may help too, based on jholland's #5.

If you go to Tools>Variables and click on the Reserved tab, and go through each question variable, it will show you the variable uses. Look for any uses that do not seem right. Examples, if the variable is on a different page, that most likely would be the culprit, or since they are all setup the same way, if most questions have 4 uses, and one has 5 uses, then check the additional use.

I'll keep an eye out for uploads, and take a look.

Hello Andrew. Thanks for the details, but as you know and Chrystal stated, hard to debug without the course.

Some questions that might help:

1. For the 6 inner module questions inside a Normal Chapter, are they inside a test object or not?

2. Which LMS are you using? For troubleshooting, have you tried the course on SCORM Cloud?

3. Is the submit button for a question a unique button on each question? Or is it using the builtin feedback and submit button? Or is the submit button at the chapter level so its one button inherited to each question page?

4. For the user's that come to a page and can't submit their answer since the radio buttons are disabled, how does the jQuery work around that disables all onscreen radio buttons and check boxes allow the user to choose an answer? Is this a typo and the jQuery ENABLES the radio buttons? Or am I not understanding this?

5. You stated that the variables are all unique, but are any actions or submit buttons copied from another that might be referencing the wrong page/question?

6. How does course completion get set? Where is this set?