Light Box Pop-up

The ability to control the title of a Lectora page that is opened in a pop-up window would be nice. These are the links that are called to a page that is created within Lectora and not external websites.


From my dissecting of the HTML page, the following lines are called to open a page in a lightbox.

If the Window Name entry in the pop-up settings window within Lectora reflected the bolded text above, that'd be great.

I am currently calling this line of code within an external JavaScript file that I built for advanced functionality of a simulation, and it works as expected.

var db = new jsDlgBox( '1574', '


', 'page176062.html', (typeof(fn)!='undefined')?fn:null, 503, 294, -1, -1, 1, 16 ); db.create(); db.setPrevFocus(getDisplayWindow().prevFocus); if ( typeof(fn)!='undefined' ) fn=null;