Lectora X: Manually changing quiz answer variables

Good Morning all,

I have created a quiz in using Flash because of required animations. I am able to communicate my variables back to Lectora (C_OK, W_EP, W_SB) depending on the users interaction/answer. However, when I try to set the Question_0001 variable for submission to the LMS DB, it simply does not record the answer.

My current setup:

  • Flash

    Runs this code based on answer: ExternalInterface.call("Var_img"+currentImage+".set('W_"+userResponse+"')");

  • Lectora

    Places the input from Flash into the _img variable (where X is a number depending on the number of images). Then on the last page of the quiz where we provide the immediate feedback on how the learner did on the quiz, I use an ACTION to assign the _imgvariable to the Question_0001 variable.

So what am I doing wrong? I don't need Lectora to report back anything other than the _imgX output from Flash.

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