Lectora v19: Video and Audio events only work in Internet Explorer

I foolishly decided to turn on warnings today for my publishing process and noticed I get a boat load of these warnings.

Truth be told, we do run IE11 right now as we have Harmon Plugin running to help us bridge the gab in our conversion process from Flash to HTML based content. We are also going to MS Edge web browser running in IE11 mode which appears to support Harmon Plugin as well.

Are we snookered with these warnings?

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Yes... We are working extremely hard to convert from FLASH to HTML, with Lectora v19 and v21 being the predominant product in this process. We've also hired much needed help ( @susanmacnab ) who has been nothing but a breath of fresh air in this process.

My biggest concern was around the warning that was being thrown about the audio/video actions only being functional in the IE11 application which is what concerned me the most. I'd hate to have done all this work but only to be screwed in the end once we go to Edge/Chrome.

Yes, these are just warnings and you should be okay, but please be advised that you never know what can change with using that process (Harman Plugin and IE11) which could lead to unwanted issues.

The best advice I can give is to try and convert all your Flash content to HTML5 asap and move towards Edge or any other modern browser.