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Allo -

I have an activity in my Indigenous Cultural Awareness module (Call to Action 57 for the Canadian Govt), and I am wondering if any of the advanced JS/JQuery programmers have a clue on how to make this work for me.

On one of my pages, I have an embedded Web Window that pulls in a map similar to : .

As you can see, when you click on the highlighted area an embedded link appears.

Question: Is there a way to force that link to open with modified window properties? I am trying to avoid giving the user access to the address bar so that it doesn't give them an opportunity to browse away from the website we've given them access to.

Any thoughts on how to tackle this? I do know how to do it based on a link that is created directly within the module but not from a Web Window asset.

Any thoughts/ideas on how to tackle this would be greatly appreciated! :smile:

Lectora v19

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That's what I am worried about BUT I don't know everything or a whole lot about JQuery/Javascript.

I do truly appreciate your support though!


In case I misled you, it would be embedded on the page, but in a page popup, not a window popup. You can add the html extension into a group to make it look like a popup, like this.

Ohhh. I understand now what you're saying, my apologies for reading too quickly.

Now if you click on that coloured blob, a popup will appear showing the name of the language. If you were to click on that link a popup window should appear - is it a new window OR is it controlled in similar fashion that you have done with that map API?

Let me drum up some screenshots.

That's a great suggestion, but I really like the idea of embedding it into the page/module. I will keep this in my back pocket.

Hi Andrew,

Does it need to be a popup? You could use an html extension and add an embed code.

Set it to initially hidden and use a button to toggle the view.

I understand now. The problem isn't a popup window created in Lectora, it's a popup from the external content that is displayed. I'll leave this to someone else to comment. There may be something you can do, but I'm doubtful. The link functionality is in the external site.

Thanks @chrystalb21 for your time today! What you've done is essentially what I have working at the moment (see screenshot below).

My big concern is when the link on the inside of the map is clicked - it opens a new window but with the address bar and all the other items I'd like to "disable" (see screenshot below). This is the tall ask I am hoping to resolve either via JQuery or JavaScript, but I completely understand if this is not possible or outside the skillsets of those on this forum.

Please ignore the fact that we are still in IE11 (it's because we are still running legacy support for all our old Flash based products that we are in the process of converting to Lectora) - the window's content isn't pretty, it will be resolved once we transition to EDGE.

Clicking the ViewButton will show the page popup. Clicking view button again, or the close button in the Popup group, will hide the popup. Clicking any links within the map ( would open in a new tab or window. In Chrome, it's opening in a new tab.