Issues with Uploading

Anyone else experiencing issues with uploading to ReviewLink? I have several courses which publish fine, but after about 40-45 seconds, I receive the message 'The operation timed out' and the upload fails. I have worked with support over the course of several weeks/emails, but can't identify a central issue.

Discussion (2)

Could it be bandwidth and the size of your course? The larger the course, the more time it takes to upload a course to an online server. If at any point in time your internet connection gets disrupted, I think the upload will stop completely and give you an error.

Can you upload a smaller course to ReviewLink okay? Do you have large videos or a ton of data in your course that could make uploading take a lot of time? Maybe you can test it by making copies of the whole course and split it into 2 different Lectora course files to make the whole size smaller and try to upload again. That's if you don't have too many actions that rely between various pages and chapters that would break everything if you try to split it into 2 modules.

Also, perhaps if you're multi-tasking while the course is uploading, have you tried letting it upload without doing any additional work with other apps or browsers on your computer?

Those are at least the first things that run on the top of my head!

Did you ever get this figured out? I've been having the same problem with one (but not the other) of my courses...