Internet Explorer Zoom Crash

If a user is in Internet Explorer and their zoom is set to greater than 100%, IE will freeze and crash when the user clicks the 'Launch Course' icon.

The workaround to this is simple: reset your zoom before accessing CourseMill; however, with 20,000+ users accessing with IE, there's a high likelihood many users will forget this. Those who do will have force quit IE, restart, and reset their zoom (if they remember) in order to access any courses.

I'm really hoping someone can assist with this issue, as it's caused significant impact for a number of years.

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Thanks, Joe! The ticket I opened recently is #174812 (I don't recall the original support ticket #)

It's simple to check if we are in IE and it's simple to check the browser zoom level in JavaScript:

var browserZoomLevel = Math.round(window.devicePixelRatio * 100);

If this is a problem we should be able to mitigate it in CourseMill by notifying the user they need to change the Zoom level before allowing them to launching a course. I will have the CourseMill team look into this.

If you have a support ticket number please write it in here, thank you for reporting this!

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