Image Display Issue

Take a gander at the images below.

This is what is configured in the Lectora 19 application, and is also displayed when I do my testing within the application (Run/Preview/Preview Browser).

However, when we launch it from our LMS we get the following.

I've checked the Console Logs/Developer window for errors, but nothing appeared.

Discussion (4)

Are you able to test in Reviewlink?

If you publish to ReviewLink, you don't need to share with anyone (It was just another option to help you troubleshoot on your end to try and narrow down the issue).

If you open up the published content, can you confirm that the image is in the 'images' folder?

@cainam : Thank you for the message (and sorry for the slow response). I am hesitant as I am unsure of the security classification of the materials. Let me check to see if i can recreate the issue on a "blank" module and get back to you.

Adam, if it's actually classified (secret) material per the US Government, @andrew-robertson can't upload the course to any public server, period.