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Good morning -

I have a button that opens a page in a new window using a light box (see settings below).

Is it safe to assume that when I label the Window Name to Window that the lightbox that appears should show the title of Window?

When I set this title, it still assigns the name of the project and not the title of what I placed in the popup window.

Discussion (3)

To add to this, after investigating the raw HTML file that is output by the publish function it does not set the Window Name to the jsDlgBox, it sets the project title.


. While testing with Lectora desktop on v21 and previous, this "Window Name" is not a place to override the pop-up window title. As you have reported, in Lectora desktop version 21, the software assigns the name of the project to the HTML title of the pop-up window.

OK. Thx. I will submit this as a software upgrade request.