Global Buttons for Controlling Non-Global Video

I have a course with multiple videos parsed throughout different chapters/sections. Additionally, I have a few (initially invisible) global elements - such as text boxes, table of contents, etc. - which I would like available on any page throughout the course.

What I would like to do is have global buttons control the show/hide actions of these objects and have the individual videos on each page pause/play when the objects are shown/hidden. The problem is, the pause/play/stop actions need to be on the same page as the video elements. Currently, I am using the mute/unmute functioanlity, but this still plays the video in the background.

I suppose I could have a variable on the global button, then have an on timer action pause/play the video when the variable = 1, but that would require an action for each video in the course and have them running pretty much all the time to check and see if the variable = 1.

Any thoughts?

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