Hello - I see that when we go to a new page, the module forces a commit with a bunch of parameters. See debug window output below.

aicc_api.js:1299 LMS commit try to: https://servername/Training/Transcript/blankcatcher.asp

with: command=putparam&session_id=777&version=SCORM%201.2&AICC_Data=%5Bcore%5D%0D%0Alesson_status%3Dincomplete%0D%0Alesson_location%3D%0D%0Ascore%3D0%2C100%2C0%0D%0Atime%3D%0D%0A%5Bcore_lesson%5D%0D%0A%3B%7E%3BVarTrivBtnTracking%3D%7E%7E%7Enull%7E%7E%7E%3B%0D%0A

Is there an action I can use within a page to force a commit to the LMS when I want to? I thought the Submit Variables action was the ticket, but it is to submit the details to another server.

Discussion (2)

Isn't there a JavaScript function, LMSCommit()?


, I knew of that one from the typical SCORM JS but I wasn't sure how Lectora was doing it. So I will take give this a go.