EPS / SVG File Support

I attempted to import an EPS file into my module, it says that it isn't recognized. Is that true? Is there future plans to incorporate the use of EPS file support?

I also just came across SVG file type, would I be better off using that format? If yes, does Lectora support that?

I only ask since it is really nice to ensure the mathematics remain for resizing of images based on screen size, etc.

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If you insert a picture from the menu, you will see the supported file types:

Thank you Adam. I would have never thought to check that out as I always drag/drop my assets into the application.

Do you think or will there ever be support for EPS or SVG file formats?

Hmm. That's good to know, I've never heard of a WMF file and to honest when I first read it I assumed that it was the WMV file (the really poorly compressed video file from Windows). I will have to do some digging into that file type and become educated a bit more.

We used to use a combination of Flash/Lectora for our training materials and now we are solely transitioning to Lectora due to the EOL of Flash - hence the reason for all my questions.

Btw. Well done on the TLAs

I can't really comment on that - I don't have any knowledge/insight.

Converting EPS or SVG to WMF is really easy, for what that's worth.

In a different context, the CTO of ELB has told me that SVG is poorly supported on iOS, which might be a reason they haven't supported that format yet. Or not, I also, have no particular knowledge.

(Yes, I did use all those TLAs on purpose.)