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Hi - I've followed the JavaScript entry that was provided in other posts on this forum; however, when I attempt to click the link it gives me the error posted below.

Are there any other options to provide the email link to avoid such issue?

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The "mailto:" command is meant to open a New E-Mail in Outlook, or another standard E-Mail application a user has installed. The browser sees need to ask before going on as a security measure. I don't think this can be turned off just like that. It may be better to inform the users that this prompt will come up and that they need to allow it in order to send their request.

Thanks Tim - I wasn't sure if this was due to me using a JavaScript line of code or if it was directly associated to the web browser hating the idea of a mailto: .

JavaScript code I got from elsewhere in this forum applied to a mouse click action:

window.location.href = " Subject"

as opposed to

sorry, that link above should read .... < a href = >

Where you put in all the needed quotation marks and remove unnecessary spaces