ELB's new "Community" Web App

I am surprised that it wasn't raised here first that the environment would be transitioning to a new platform. Not so sure I like the new look and feel.

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is it too late to plead a case to keep the old/original system?

, our contract ended yesterday. Not sure exactly why we still have access.

How about instead of pleading to keep something that is technically gone, you join us in the new Community and share your suggestions? We would hate for the lights to be shut off while you're typing mid-sentence. ;-)

Wish I had a chance to edit my username with this switchover. :(

Hi Susan! If you would like to edit your username, please email support@elblearning.com with this request.

Everyone's profiles were brought over, posts, comments, badges, etc.

Looks like you activated your account there on the day the email went out.

It's hurting my eyeballs! I agree with you that I might be older (in my early 40s), but I don't think that's what's causing me to look at this and think it's awful. It seems the sterile look is in, and I miss the old styles.

Just looking at it as a non-signed-in person, that UI is a mess. In my professional opinion, if you like, as a former Software Product Development Manager. Tiny text jammed together in blobs is just not usable. Little things that will irritate people, even subconsciously, should be fixed, e. g. "0 reply" (should be "0 replies", or even better "no replies").

Just in terms (again) of usability, underlined overwide decorative fonts are not something that should be used to convey important information.

Was this by any chance laid out by a


designer, rather than a

user interface


Every few years, I recommend that Trivantis and then eLearning Brothers and then ELB Learning retain the Nielsen Norman Group to review their designs. I now recommend it again. Or read some of Jakob Nielsen's stuff, or one of Norman's books.

I was wondering if it was for everyone or just a demo so far? You can get to the "old" look at:


I wasn't even aware there was a change, because my bookmark is to that URL. Hmm ....

The content is all there, I've checked. The problem you see is the pagination is not working on the topic level so you only see 10 posts. This is being addressed

But between Search by keyword and the FILTER BY and SORT BY you can see more of what you are looking for. I am told the limit of 10 posts and pagination is coming.

That is the new Community and this "Rockstars" community is going away, very soon.

Please come over and help us make the new community a great community.

All posts that are made here [from now onward] will not be carried to the new community platform.


Thank god my auto-entered URL is the same.... I'd be severely unhappy if it switched to that look and feel.

So, my account was not migrated over and I have to make a new one? Is that correct? It doesn't recognize my email address (and of course I log in here using a user name, not email address).

I am not impressed by this new format. It's just odd.

Honestly, the more I look at it and try to interpret the information, all I see is black lines. Call me old (only in my late 30s) or that my eye site is going after staring at computer screens all my career, I have a very difficult time delineating between each topic.

This is one update that I am disappointed in that wasn't needed nor tested on the userbase with.

All I see is this on the new community forum, I know there's wayyyy more content on here then showing. What am I missing?