Customizing Notifications

Is there any way to customize the notification emails, aside from content? Specifically, can you add attachments, logos, and/or stylize the message (e.g., bold, italicize, underline)? Or is this just a plain-text message?

Discussion (2)

I'm assuming we can't do what clammers requested. Highly suggest that functionality be added to any CourseMill upgrades.

Can we add the lookup fields to the subject line? For example undefined

I know we can add them to the body, but would like to have this in the subject line.

You can use HTML, like so:


<#USER_FIRSTNAME#>This message is to notify you that you have been removed from the course <#COURSE_NAME#>. This message has been auto generated, please do not reply.

Much like you can in these forum posts. Simple HTML is pretty easy to learn.