Custom Certificates & Date Display

Is there any way to apply a date mask to a custom certificate? Default certificates display the date as MMMM DD, YYYY (e.g., August 12, 2019); however, custom certificates display the date as YYYY-MM-DD (e.g., 2019-08-12)

There doesn't appear to be anything listed in the Working with Certificates information, and I was hoping to display the dates the same on both the default and custom certificates.

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I do custom certs like this:

On the .ini file:







Looks like this:

John Smith completed this course on the __(Day)___th day of ___Month___, __Year___.


Certainly a workaround - and worth considering, but wouldn't that put you in situations where the date displays something like:

John Smith completed this course on the 3th day of 82019

In Lectora Desktop you can specify the format of the date in publish strings (preferences):

Otherwise you could include moment.min.js and use the examples there to set the formatted time, then put that into a Lectora variable:

This would be for Lectora though, correct? We do utilize in-course certificates and use this feature; however, the issue is with CourseMill.

Ah! @clammers you are right, please excuse my mistake...

Unfortunately, there is no way to customize the completion date.

The formatting does vary slightly between languages. For example, Spanish users will get a date format of dd/MM/yyyy.

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