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Could anyone provide me with information regarding the Interactions report in CourseMill? Or how to structure a course to make the most out of this feature?

Currently, when I run the Interactions report for a course with a test(s), I can see the responses, the percentages, total, etc.; however the individual questions are coded as Question_1_(string), Question_2_(string), and so on. Furthermore, the Question Text columns is blank, meaning I have to manually look at the Question Type and Student Response columns to decipher which question each interaction relates.

I am looking to perform a compare/contrast to pre- and post-test results in a course. If the Question Text were available, this would be much easier to determine which interaction related to which question (or, alternatively, if I could manually code an interaction to a specific name).

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OK - with the gracious assistance of Trivantis support, I was able to resolve this. The long-and-short of it is that you need to publish to CourseMill to track the Question Text. As we manually upload out courses, it meant following all the steps to publish to CourseMill without hitting the Send Title button. Then, we simply upload that published SCORM file as we normally do.

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