Button Groups

It would be nice to have an option to group buttons together with an additional state for the button that is 'selected'. For example, to simulate a tabbed view. So, I'd have three buttons that toggle three different sections. I can do this today, but need to add an additional visual element to denote which section is being displayed. It would be nice if I could group these buttons together (like radio buttons) and have the current/last clicked/selected button show in a different state.


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I know there's an action that allows you to set the state but it's currently only set up to toggle in between enabled and disabled. If I'm understanding you correctly you'd also like the option to have the button set to the other states like selected, over, and down at your disposal?

I'm pretty sure it's on the roadmap for future enhancements already. I'll double check and make a note that it was brought up again :)

That's correct.

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