Assessment/Test Font Colours

Something wild is happening in v19 where when I publish or preview my project it shows my text in the assessment as white even though I have set it to black in the application.

If I go into Chrome developer tools, I can see that color of the span.text######Font0 is set to #FFFFFF. In the screenshot below, I went and changed it to #000000 which allows the text to show.

Does anyone have any thoughts on where to look and see why this is happening?

For kicks, I decided to go and insert a new page with a default question and the font is coming out white as well as a default color as opposed to black.

I cannot share my files as much as I would like to.

Discussion (1)

I figured it out but I will leave my post here for others. The default color of the project was set to white. Once I set it to black - everything worked out nicely again.