Repository Errors

I did a search it seems outside of powerpoint only one other person has encountered this or at least posted about it. The issue is intermittent thank good ness or I wouldn't be able to produce anything. WHen the repository errors start, it is not possible to import any sort of media. IMages of varied sizes and file types: jpg, png, or gifs, videos (optimized of course), or audio files. Upon trying to important, it keeps loading for about 3 to 4 minutes and produces the error. These periods have last anywhere from 20 minutes up to a day at one point. I can still insert text and do basic things, and inserting media from the stock asset area still works. I cant insert anything from my end. The files I try to insert during these periods are no different from what I upload 99% of the time with no issue.

Are these occasional server errors or something else? Is there anything that can be done other than to keep checking back until it starts functioning again? Thank you for your time.

Discussion (2)

We have a job that runs on Sundays and causes this issue. We are in the process of determining how we can correct this. Do you see this other than Sundays?

A couple of times. Not lengthy. That is good to know. Thank you.