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I tried doing a search, but the results were too generalized and too great in number. This may have been powted before.

I am trying to build a course with a navigation menu in an horizontal layout under the heading. I only want the student to gain access to each section as they complete the course. Upon the last section (conclusion) they will have open access to review any part of the training.

THe variables are confusing to me and I cant find a step by step process for this or really anything involving variables. THere are 8 parts of the course with 8 buttons within the menu.

My third attempt at this was to create 8 different AUs. I set the prerequisites for each section to require all before. THe next thin I was trying to do through the menu edit box is set each button to the first page within each AU. Any of the buttons I select after the first button will not allow me to map to other AUs.

Extremely frustrated and beggining to think its easier just to use straight flash.

Please help anyone.

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If you want them to have access to each menu item upon the completion of a chapter, for instance, just put a transparent image/button over each "tab" on the menu (5 topics = 5 transparent images/buttons). When the user completes each chapter/section, hide the appropriate image/button. By the end, they will all be removed.

A very quick and easy way to do this would be to:

Add a transparent button at the tile level covering all of your navigation buttons. Add an action to this button to display a message onclick to say something like 'the navigation bar will be activated once you reach the end.". (NB: Make sure this button sits above your navigation buttons)

Add a new variable - called (for example) 'moduleComplete' with an initial value of 0.

On the last page of your module add an onShow action to 'modify variable'. (Target: moduleComplete Action: Set Equal To Value: 1)

At the title level add an onShow action to hide the transparent button with the condition 'moduleComplete = 1'

That should do it!!

Thank you both. I will give it a try.

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