Universal Pause Button

Hello. I create classes with the exception of interactive pages; auto advance on their own. This is done with variables set on each page as timers that match the timing of the narrations. This can make for a long class. Is there a way to put a pause button that would pause the narration and timer of all pages set on master level?

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One way would be to change the "Go to Next Page" action to run when the page's audio is done playing. A trigger of "Done Playing" could advance the user to the Next page. Make the controller for this audio be a "Play/Pause" button and the user can pause the audio on that page at any time. Since the controller only allows a pause, the user can't fast forward through the audio.

This would also eliminate the need to create a separate timer on every page matched to the length of the audio, which is a different value on each page.

Thank you. The Done Playing tip was gold on its own. If there are multiple sections on the page fading in, it sounds like timing them based on the audio is a better direction. I have been adding separate sound files with timers in between to play as the sections appear. The "done playing" sounds like it would eliminate the need for timing each one correctly. Several controllers would not be a good direction. It sounds like the best way is to have one sound file with a controller. Unless I am incorrect or need to update my version, Lectora can not attach actions like videos can at different points in a timeline.

So it means working the time out when with the text blocks as the audio file is playing.

Can a controller be set as an inherent action on every page?