Timeline at the Bottom vs Delay Setting

The delay setting is better than nothing. Its not terribly complex to map things out with a pen and paper. A timeline at the bottom would certainly make everything smoother and easier to create. Lectora seems to lag in this feature.

Where ever the event took place would automatically be added as a variable.

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I don't work for ELB, but ... I can't tell from this exactly what feature you are asking for.

It would be faster , easier, and efficient to have a timeline feature like captivate, storyline, or even powerpoint.

Or CenarioVR? Or ... Lectora ?

Notice the timeline at the bottom? That's V21.

From my current understanding and how I have implemented it, all timing actions are created using the delay setting. For example if I want to create an action at 30 second upon viewing page I set a 30 second delay. Other action occurring would happen accordingly at the appropriate times. All calculated into the timing delay.

It would be faster , easier, and efficient to have a timeline feature like captivate, storyline, or even powerpoint.

No. That is exactly what I am talking about. I do attempt to Google questions before asking in this forum. My first search only brought up timelines as in the slider interactivity. I kept searching and found Lectora 19 and beyond does have a timeline. I mainly use Lectora online. If I deviated from that section, it was a mistake. Does Lectora Online have a timeline? If so, that would be great. If not, hopefully coming soon?

I've never used Online, personally, so ....

My office is updating the Inspire version there. It is still at 18. I will have access the times I go to the office. Telework has changed alot. Lectora Online is the primary version. I'm hoping they add the timeline feature. So far I'm getting by with setting a timer on variables.

Another option is to use media events:

I agree with the timeline suggestion! That is one of the few really awesome tools in Captivate. It makes timing events so easy. For example, when I drop an audio file into a page/slide, it tells me how long the timeline is and sets the page to be that long automatically. I can drag start times and change where it is in the layers. I'm somewhat new to Lectora and I find this frustrating in comparison. It seems to take so much longer to add and modify. Maybe I'm missing tips and tricks on this?