Editing Library Objects in HTLM5 Canvas for Lectora


We have initiated the goal to exclude Flash and convert courses with Flash over the HTML. ELearning Brothers flash interactions and games were a great tool. I exchanged images in the libraries with pictures to complement the theme of the courses. An example is the fishing game. Instead of a boat casting down for fish, I exchanged images to be a police car with a radar detector getting cars as they went by. The action script 3 was already set in place. This became a great compliment to a Driver Orientation course. However, as Flash is going by the wayside this will not be possible anymore.

The interaction editor shows there are Elearning Brother courses that will export as HTML5. My question is if that version of the course is brought in the Animate tool "HTML5 Canvas" and revised - will it export to a workable file that will run in Lectora? Has anyone exported anything from the HTML5 Canvas and incorporated into Lectora?

If I had access to Lectora Online I would have more time to experiment. The production schedule tight. This is combined with having to go back and take out Flash files from older courses. I don't have direct contact with my agency's IT department which puts out security updates each week. One week Chrome will work and IE won't. The next it will be the opposite. From what I have read HTML5 is the solution to this challenge. It has resulted in page turner classes which aren't the best outcome.


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