Wire Frame Gamification Templates

I wish I knew more code than I did. Or was at least a little better with variables. Back in the days of flash the game selection was great. There was a sizable collection of games in terms of mechanics. My employer is open to gamification provided there is some time of them in relation to what we do or in relation to the course material.

What they want is to have course content and then have a game like wheel of fortune and games like it put in just for the sake of having a game. I have also found this seems to almost annoy employees.

The flash games were great (partially because I was comfortable with AS but mainly because of the mechanical variety offered. I was able to take the skeleton of the game and add my own images.

An example of this was the fishing game. It had a man in a boat with fish below him. THe viewer had to click on the fish and connect with his fishing line. Once connecting the two successfully, a question opened. If the question was answered correctly the man caught the fish. The fishing has nothing to do with any of the content. The class was a driver safety course. I replaced the river with a street, the man in the boat with a police officer and radar gun, and the fish with cars. The beauty of that was all the coding was done. WIthin a short amount of time I had a customized game that had an appeal to it.

The current gallery has a parachute game and a couple of others. THe rest look different but the mechanics are the same.

A gamification section that had a wireframe section and a wider selection of different mechanical concepts would be great. Does anyone know of any companies offering anything like this?

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eLearning Brothers has The Training Arcade, an entire service of games:


Thank you. There are a couple in there that will really be helpful to our employees and make the content more interesting.