Why does importing glb files showing endless processing?

When I have attempted to import glb 3D object files, it shows the name of the file as if it is about to finish importing it. It never stops showing the processing window. I have to refresh the page to stop it. I have tried various size files with no success.

I tried going through the resources since it does show a file has been imported in Cenario. THe difference is unlike other 3D object which show the object, the imported files only show the 3D box icon. When I place the icon into the scene it freezes the scene. It doesnt freeze the window like when I try direct placement, just movement in the scene. It does not show the object as shown in the image.

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Can you recommend a site that has a decent library with objects that will import without error? I visited a couple and paid for the objects. It was the same result. Ill try experimenting with saving through p3D. Thanks.

Some GLB objects just can't be imported. CVR fails above a certain complexity level. I've had some success simplifying objects in a program like Blender, and CTO of ELB John Blackmon has suggested just opening them in Paint 3D and resaving them. Apparently P3D's save format is more compatible with CVR.

Can you recommend a site that has a decent library with objects that will import without error? ...

I really can't. Several people have suggested that ELB add a "3D objects" section to their Asset Library, but so far, no.

Generally it is not complexity of the object that is the issue, its usually light sources and cameras that are left in the object that cause trouble. Opening and resaving in Paint3D doesn't change the complexity, it just doesn't save any light sources or cameras built into the model.

All that being said, there is a "takes too long to load" factor which will come with increased complexity, so there will need to be a balance between polygon count and image quality in the objects you use.

I generally get objects on SketchFab, which allows for download of GLTF, convert to GLB, and open and save with Paint3D if needed.