Question / Suggestion for Testing Feedback

The goal is to when feedback is put within answers in a test for the page to advance when closing the feedback window. This eliminates the need to click the next button. The flow of a course is something not often talked about or considered in components such as this. I understand there is a science, an artform behind instructional design. Interactive components if done effectively may improve retention. Excessive inefficient clicks can also annoy the participant.

In the case of the test creator: clicking the feedback window to close it, then having to click the next button is not efficient. Unless there is a specific reason the designer wants it that way.

I may be missing the option to do this. I know it can be dont with variables. Is there a way to advance the next question/page by closing the feedback window that is stock in the question / test properties? If not, would Trivantis consider adding it?

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There's a forum for "Suggestions" ....

Feature requests, yes. Sorry about the thinko.

Is Lectora Feature Requests the aea you are referring to? Im looking at the categories and not seeing suggestions.