Publishing to Sumtotal vs Scorm 1.2

The company I worked for switched to Sumtotal about a year ago. Like the one we had before, Scorm 1.2 was the standard. Ever since, the courses have been plagued with LMS errors. They seemed never ending. I followed all the troubleshooting suggestions with very little success. Then I noticed on Lectora online there was an option to publish to SumTotal.

I understand SumTotal IS Scorm 1.2, but gave it a try. Initially, the errors went away. It seemed to be the answer to all the issues. Now, they seem to be popping up again. There is nothing different in the way the classes were created.

My question is if SumTotal is Scorm 1.2, what is SumTotal putting into the published files the Scorm 1.2 option is not?

Discussion (1)

The publish is essentially the same as SCORM 1.2

Two differences:

  • Minor changes in the way we generate the imsmanifest.xml file included in the SCORM package, you can inspect this file from the two different publishes to see what is different.

  • We default to enabling the sending of sending SCORM interaction data (we check the option by default in the publish dialog)