Preventing Using the Table of Contents to Skip Ahead

My employer requested using the Table of Contents as a standard component within our classes. There is not an option to hide it as the space it takes up is dedicated to it always being visible. Using it as a status indicator is an obvious benefit. I asked this question a couple of years ago and made the suggestion to add as a feature. It doesnt look like it was even considered.

THe goal is to have the TOC always show. As the participant progresses through the course the status indicator reflects what page they are on. It is desired to provide the ability to go back to content already visited, but not the ability to skip ahead.

At the time another member provided a couple of lines of javascript to allow this to happen. He commented Trivantis would not offer support for this for a reason I cant remember. It required going into a published courses files and adding the the script to a course already published on the LMS as the code would not save if doing prior.

I dont have the ability to do that now with our new LMS.

Yes I understand there is the long way of doing this which is going to require alot work. Is there a quick way of doing this or is there a reason Trivantis does not want to consider making this an option?

Discussion (1)

I would also like to see an improvement to the Table of Contents menu that would allow the author to restrict navigation to pages that were previously completed but not allow the learner to skip ahead. This would keep the learner from skipping past content but also function as a visual progress indicator that allows the learner to see where they are within the entire course.

In addition, a more modern design of the tree view would be a better user experience than the current version that looks like it was left over from Windows 3.1. As an example, Articulate Storyline has a menu that looks and functions well.