Multiple True and False question

Hi Guys,

I am building a multiple choice true and false question in assessment. I have 10 radio buttons which are grouped in 5 different radio groups (2 radio buttons in each radio group). I put the two radio buttons in each radio group so that user can select either true or false.

Because the radio buttons are in radio group, I can't assign variables to them. I have only left with option of using the variables assigned to radio group but that is not going to work because there are ten radio buttons and only 5 radio groups.

Now my problem is how user can I build this question so that it records user selection and show pass or fail according to that.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Here is the example of what I am building.

The following are colours.

True False

Radio Button Radio Button Red

Radio Button Radio Button Dome

Radio Button Radio Button Grey

Radio Button Radio Button Blue

Radio Button Radio Button Pink


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