LMS Initialize Error

Hi guys,

I am getting LMS Initialize Error when I am running my course on LMS.

Please see the attachment. Does anybody knows what's the issue here and how can I fix it.

I am using Lectora version 18.

Any help would be really appreciated.



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Moved to Lectora Desktop category since you said you were using version 18. What kind of publish are you doing (HTML, SCORM, xAPI) and what is your LMS?

When you publish your title, try turning on the Debug Published Content option, then click the Debug Options button and make sure Include all LMS Communications is selected. You can select all options but make sure that particular one is selected. See attached screen shot.

When you launch the course in the LMS then, an extra window should appear with debug statements that might give you some clues as to what is going on. See attached screen shot.

I am using SCORM Publish and Saba LMS. Hope that helps.

@ethomas, why is a SCORM publish issuing TinCan (xAPI) requests?

the screen shot is just an example - it wasn't a SCORM publish