File Recovery After Unsaved Work Option

By this stage in my career I should be flogged for making a mistake like this. It's actually a series of bad practices leading up to a gut wrenching possibility. Instead of starting fresh, I initiated a new title over an old template. The problem is the template was mistakenly the source file for a course already published. When the option of get unsaved work was selected it erased the previous title.

I did a system restore to two days prior to this happening. The Lectora file was not affected. I thought all file return to their states the time the system save point was created.

Is the file gone forever?

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So you opened the master template and didn't do a save as and overwrote the template? Probably all of us have done that one, ONCE. Getting it back is doubtful at best. If you are on a windows machine you can try to right click what used to be the master template file in windows explorer and choose 'restore previous versions', however, I don't think you'll have success there. Another possible option is file recovery software but even that won't work depending on how the overwrite was handled. Some applications create a temporary file out of the original and when the new one is saved with a different name the original is deleted.

How much did you alter the master? Worse case scenario, you'll have to re-build the master template using the one you saved on top of it as a start.

Undelete software may be your best bet.


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