Animated Gifs not working Inspire v16.1.2

This is a new development as I had not had this problem in the past. I import animated gifs into Lectora using the correct method. They work correctly when viewing in review mode. However, once published through the LMS they do not animate.

There have not been any changes to the LMS. Classes created with a version as early as 11 that have animated gifs still work fine.

I have checked the animations (which were produced in photoshop) and there is nothing different from how they were done in the past.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I could find anything on this issue.


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Hi Gary,

So you're using the "Add Animation" option? Have you checked the course on SCORM Cloud or ReviewLink?

I may have found the issue. We are going through a refresh of 5,000 employees. Internet Explorer and Chrome are both being loaded. I use Internet Explorer to test the classes because it seems to work better than Chrome. I use Chrome to test animated gif produced in Photoshop and go outside of the intranet.

The play gif animations and sounds boxes need to be checked in internet options in Internet Explorer.

Yep, that could be it. If you company is loading IE without those options enabled it will affect anyone using IE.

I just checked with 16.2.2, GIFs work as expected if you insert them via "Add Animation".

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