Text Styles and 508-Compliance

Hi All. This is probably a very basic question.

Do applied text styles become heading levels? As an example, in MS Word, if you apply a Heading 1 style, it is read as a Heading 1 for 508-compliance.

In a course for DHS, I received the comment, "Visually apparent headings are not marked." In going back through the course, I added H1, H2, H3, etc. as new text styles and applied them as appropriate.

Will these be read correctly or am I not thinking through this in the right manner?


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Sorry...just ran into an add-on question/suggestion...

Is it possible to see what text style something is set at? For example, if you were turn on the text formatting marks, it would tell you what text style is applied (which Lectora doesn't do, I checked.) Or as another example, if you were to highlight the text then go back to the Text Styles, the applied text style to that content would be highlighted (again, I checked and Lectora doesn't do that).

Is there any other way this could be seen?

Thanks again!


To format text as a heading in Lectora, select the text, go to the Properties ribbon, Web Options section, and use the HTML Text Type list to assign the proper heading. Note that this selection does not change how your text looks (like applying a Heading in Word does). It will wrap the text with the heading tag in the HTML, which will be accessible by a screen reader.

You can see which (if any) HTML Text Type is selected for any text item by selecting the text object and looking at the HTML Text Type selection. It does reflect what has been selected.

I think Text Styles in Lectora only affect the visual presentation of the text, not the hierarchical HTML tagging needed for headings.

@prg1792 Thank you for the tip! I don't mess with HTML much so this is new to me. I appreciate it!


It actually doesn't. Only the text that you select and mark as a Heading will actually be wrapped with heading tags in the HTML. The Lectora interface just doesn't handle the nuance of showing that only some text in a text box has that HTML Text Type. You shouldn't have to create separate text boxes.

Ugh. It sets all the text in the text box as that heading level. That means going through, making individual text blocks for headings and separate boxes for content.

Suggestion for Lectora: Allow us to tag only certain text in a text box. sigh.