Drag and Drop Layering

Hi all. I am running into an issue where drag and drop questions, specifically the drop zones, are not following Always on top setting for other objects.

Attached is a screen shot illustrating this problem. The TOC is set to Always on top and the test question is not. Regardless, the drop zones appear over the TOC and block selecting items from the TOC.

Any thoughts or is this a known bug?




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The TOC is normally hidden. You toggle the show/hide. It isn't always visible.

Thank you Tim!!! Anchoring the TOC seems to be working perfectly.

I understood that anchoring would essentially lock the x and y positions of an object, but never considered it could affect the z.

Much appreciated!!!!!

For some reason the dropzones have higher z-indices than other objects on the page. You can either give the toc a higher z-index with custom css or check "Anchor Position" which will lift the toc over the page completely.

I will try a couple of things at the AU level of the course. Thanks for the suggestion.

You might check to see where things are located within the title explorer "tree." I've had a couple instances where v17 didn't follow the "always on top" property and when I poked around that was the fix. Just a thought!

I suspect this behavior is by design. If the TOC has priority over a drop zone then one could never reach the drop zone as the TOC would always cover it when one attempted to hit the drop zone.

Perhaps you could arrange your drop zone(s) so that they did not conflict with the TOC area on the page?

It doesn't really affect the z. Through this the toc is not added to the "page" but to a div above the pageDIV. This means, it can be used like this as long as you don't need to use "Anchor position" as it is originally meant to be, i.e. it can be used like this if you don't have scrolling pages in your course.

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