HTML Extensions recognizing linked video timings

I am using HTML extensions to link to videos that are hosted on another website. In our course design, we would like for the Next button to appear once the video has completed. Is this possible to set up so that it happens automatically? (The majority of the videos belong to someone else, so embedding is not an option)

My current solution is to note the length of the video, add about 10 seconds for reading the introduction, and insert a page level action to show the next button after that amount of time has passed. Some issues with this is someone not starting the video within the first 10 seconds of getting to the page will have the next button show before the video is over. Similarly (as I experienced on a run-through), pauses in the video due to buffering will have the same effect.

I am not a script writer, so if it is possible to have the program recognize the video timings, I would need step-by-step instructions to implement.

Thanks in advance for your input!

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It might be possible. Can you show the External Object's code?


Did you ever resolve your issue with this? We're trying to do the same thing about hosting videos on another site and linking them through the html extension.




Hi Darrel,

That sample you provided would work great for embedded videos, but would it work on a video hosted on Vimeo (or similar platform)? Will it be able to read the end of the video?




I appreciate your offer Darrel, but this course has been done and in use for over 6 months now. I am going to keep handy the programming you provided, and when I get the opportunity to do so, I will try it to see how it works.



Hi Kelsey,

No, I never found a different solution than the one I described - adding a page level action to show the next button about 10 seconds longer than the length of the video.

I see that some other solutions have been published, so I will check those out.


Is this something like what you are looking to accomplish?

If you provide me with a sample of a video you want this to work with I will take a look.

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