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Hi all,

I would like to offer a suggestion if others think it may be useful.

In tests and surveys containing multiple choice and multiple response questions, I think it would be nice to have the option for answer choices to be a button rather than only a radio button or check box.

For some interactions, I currently build questions with the question, one color button as normal state, second color button for selected state, and a submit/answer button. Then of course, you need to add all the actions to have the right color button show, variables to recognize the correct answer, etc.

In terms of 508 compliance (and I am no expert) this option should still be accessible using keyboard navigation.

Thank you for the opportunity to make a suggestion!

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Only for you, Darrel.

This just shows how I have it laid out with the No and Clean as if they were selected.

You can see in the sidebar a sampling of how I have the actions for these buttons set up. If test questions were able to use buttons, each regular and selected group for each question would not be needed and instead I could use a test question.


Can you provide an example?

Actually you can use buttons to modify a question. The question can be invisible. The setup of the buttons would have to be similar to what you're doing now, but you could use Lectoras question logic, e.g. If Question_0001 is correct, you could use the built-in feedback and attempts.


Since you have the option to see how all checkboxes and radio buttons appear through the course in the Lectora Preferences I feel the most logically way of putting the option in is to include buttons as an option as well. I'll submit it as a suggestion to our dev team!

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