Tab into Scrolling Text Box

I am finding that in my courses, Chrome, Edge, and IE do not allow a user to tab into a scrolling text box then use the arrow keys to scroll. Firefox does. Is there any workaround so that a title can be 508-compliant regardless of the browser used?

I am trying to get DHS approval on a course that must be 508-compliant and this is causing issues. I do not like Chrome!!!!!

Thanks for any input.

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@vicki thanks for pointing this out to us! We were able to recreate this issue and are looking into a fix


A workaround to this is to add an action on the scrolling text box to assign it a tabindex which should get it into the TAB order for the page.

To do this, follow these steps:

1) With the text box object selected, go to the Properties tab and click the little arrow in the lower right of the Text section of the ribbon.

2) A window will display with the title "Description of ".

3) Grab the text in the "HTML name" field beneath the Description field. This is the ID of your text object.

4) Close the Description window.

5) Add an action to your text object: On Show, Delay 1.0 second, Run JavaScript, document.getElementById("text104302").tabIndex = 0;

6) Replace "text104302" with the HTML name value for your object.

For #5, make sure the quotation marks are not smart quotes.

The text box should now be part of the TAB order.

@vicki @prg1792 - You can also replace the description with "%HTMLNAME%" (without the quotes) and save it as a Library Object to add to any text block you need to. I used a similar method to hide certain objects from the tab order on courses created in previous versions:

document.getElementById("%HTMLNAME%").tabindex = 0; (again, you will likely need to delete and retype the quotes inside the parentheses)

@jasonadal Great tip - thanks!

Sorry for the delay in giving my thanks. I ended up just doing accessible alternates on full pages. At the time that was the quickest and easiest fix. Again, I appreciate your input and I have noted it for later use!