Web Accessibility Features

After creating my most recent course with significant accessibility considerations required through development, I have a couple of suggestions that could enhance and keep the product ahead of the accessibility curve:

  1. The ability to set the tab order of objects, including hiding them from tab order. It could be a drop down menu on the Properties ribbon. I realize the Title Explorer does this as well, but there may be times where reading order, tab order and layering conflict. The "tabindex = -1" was particularly useful for me to hide things like decorative images and background images, so I was regularly copying/pasting the RunJS action that hid the object.
  2. The ability to modify the tab focus box. The default is pretty thin and it would be great to have that as a setting as well rather than having to tinker with the trivantis-focus.css each time a course is published.

Most folks in the eLearning community I've worked with or talk to put Lectora at the top of the accessibility curve and with the increasing emphasis on guidelines, it would be great to have these features!


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Thanks for the suggestion, I'll get them submitted to the development team!

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