TOC value source?

I've been experimenting with using a custom drop list for a table of contents and reached the point where I can populate the list with the current page. The page information populates in the corresponding "option" in the drop list based on the page number (i.e., page 12 is the 12th option). However, I'm yet to puzzle out how to force it to populate with the other pages.

My question: How does Lectora generate the options for a drop list Table of Contents? It lists the option values as the HTML name of the page (a001_pagename) with text matching the actual page title. Where does this information come from? Is there a variable set when a page is marked "completed"? The closest I could find was "TrackSet" using debug.

If I could somehow "pull" the information the way Lectora does, I could populate my custom list and THINK find a method to customize include/exclude pages dynamically.

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